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If it has value, it will be attacked.

Our Services

DGT Global is a cyber security consulting company and believes our clients are the unique entity that the know they are. The majority of company's offering cyber-security services have a listing of standard prices for their services. At DGT Global, we will develop an individual service package that meets your needs, your budget while maintaining alignment with your company's mission, goals and objectives.



Navigating information technology security compliance requirements can be a very difficult. Let our expert team help your company ensure you are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. 

Risk Assessments

Identify, assess and implement control measures for threats with our expert risk management team

Vulnerability Assessments

Define, identify, classify and prioritize the vulnerabilities identified by our thorough Vulnerability Assessments

Business Impact


Let our team help you determine and evaluate the effects of any possible disruptions to your business operations to help develop a strategy to recover from those disruptions.

Business Continuity Planning

Let our team create systems of prevention and recovery that mitigate potential threats to your company.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Let us help you develop a plan that allows your company to quickly recover after a disaster.


"You want the truth? Their team is amazing. Their experience in all facets of business from security to branding makes DGT Global the go-to company for all our consulting requirements.

Nathan Jessup
CEO of Code Red Industries


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