Why choose DGT Global?

We are experts in security, cyber and physical. To put a little definition on that oft-abused word, "expert", our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, David G Taylor, United States Navy, has over two decades of war-zone experience as a counter-terrorism expert and military law enforcement officer. David was in charge of the security of all highly-secured Navy spaces in the United States Pentagon. He ran the protection detail for General Stanely McCrystal in Afghanistan. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), the highest cyber-security credential available in the world. Dave's partners and team all share similarly high-level credentials in their respective areas of expertise. So when we say "expert", that's what we mean.

How we're different:

One thing that makes us different is that unlike virtually all companies in the cyber-security or physical-security spaces, we don't separate physical and cyber-security. because our experience shows us that to do so is a dangerous tactical error. If someone breaks into your building and steals your company hard-drives, or nicks an employee's mobile phone at lunch, hacks it, and uses that portal to destroy your company, that's a physical-security breach that led to a cyber-security breach that led to a disaster. So we never separate the two, but instead, blend them both in a way to provide true security.